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The 2.0 brewer additionally has the ability to mix full carafes in three settings from 2 to 5 glasses, by means of the utilization of the new K-Carafe pod.In March 2015, Keurig propelled the K-Mug unit, a recyclable case which mixes huge travel mug– measured portions.The K-Mug cases, for use in the Keurig 2.0 

blending framework, mix 12-, 14-, and 16-ounce containers, and the plastic is recyclable #5 polypropylene plastic.In mid 2015 Keurig appeared the K200, a littler Keurig 2.0 model that can mix single mugs or four-container carafes and arrives in an assortment of hues General Electric declared that its new Café French Door cooler, due out in late 2015, will have a Keurig espresso machine incorporated with the door.

In September 2015, Keurig propelled a Pots and Pans Reviews line of Campbell's Soup accessible in K-Cups The Campbell's Fresh-Brewed Soup Kits accompany a parcel of noodles and a K-Cup pod of soup.The item is accessible in two assortments: Homestyle Chicken Broth and Noodle, and Southwest Style Chicken Broth and Noodle. Also in September 2015, Keurig propelled Keurig Kold, a brewer which makes an assortment of chilly refreshments including soda pops, utilitarian drinks, and shimmering waters.The machine mixes drinks from 

The Coca-Cola Company (e.g. Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta) and the Dr Pepper Snapple Group (e.g. Dr Pepper, Canada Dry) and Keurig's own line of seasoned shining and non-shimmering waters and teas, sports beverages, and pop wellspring drinks.In December 2015 it was declared that Keurig Green Mountain would be sold to a financial specialist amass driven by private-value firm JAB Holding Company for about $14 billion.

The obtaining was finished in March 2016 In July of 2018, Keurig Green Mountain converged with Dr Pepper Snapple Group in an arrangement worth $18.7 billion, making a traded on an open market aggregate which is the third biggest drink organization in North America within an utilized K-Cup case, with the best thwart and the utilized espresso beans evacuated, uncovering the channel The organization's lead items, Keurig K-Cup blending frameworks

are intended to mix a some espresso, tea, hot chocolate, or other hot refreshment. The grounds are in a solitary serve espresso holder, called a "K-Cup" case, comprising of a plastic glass, aluminum top, and channel. Every K-Cup case is loaded up with espresso beans, tea leaves, cocoa powder, natural product powder, or different substance, and is nitrogen flushed, fixed for freshness

and impermeable to oxygen, light, and moisture.The machines blend the K-Cup drink by puncturing the thwart seal with a splash spout, while penetrating the base of the plastic case with a release spout. Grounds contained inside the K-Cup case are in a paper channel. High temp water is constrained under strain through the K-Cup case, going through the grounds and through the channel.

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